Product Summary

The mg100q2ys500 is a silicon N channel IGBT. It is suitable for High Power & High Speed Switching Applications.


mg100q2ys500 absolute maximum ratings: (1)collector-emitter vltage, VCES: 1200V; (2)gate-emitter voltage, VGES: ±20V; (3)collector current, DC, IC: 100A; 1ms, ICP: 200A; (4)forward current, DC, IF: 100A; 1ms, IFM: 200A; (5)collector power dssipation (Tc=25℃), PC: 690W; (6)junction temperature, Tj: 150℃; (7)storage temeprature range, Tstg: -40 to 125℃; (8)isolation voltage, Visol: 2500V; (9)screw torque (terminal/mounting): 3/3Nm.


mg100q2ys500 features: (1)High input impedance; (2)Enhancement-mode; (3)The electrodes are isolated from case.


mg100q2ys500 pin connection